17 junio 2017

La canción de la semana #583

...is Aguanileo by Toronto-based The Battle of Santiago. This song opens the band's new album, La Migra.

19 mayo 2017

La canción de la semana #579

A weird, unsettling and mesmerising Paraguaya by Juana Molina, from the Argentine "folktronica" artist's new (weird, unsettling and mesmerising) album Halo.

12 mayo 2017

La canción de la semana #578

...is famous Pajarillo by the Venezuelan Ángel Custodio Loyola. I like the version by the Chilean singer Elizabeth Morris, from the Chilean singer's 2012 album Pájaros.

28 abril 2017

La canción de la semana #576

Finally! Following a few days of cyberspace riddles (Mi gente! Adivinen cómo se llama mi nueva canción! or ¿Ya saben cómo se llama mi nuevo sencillo?), Lila Downs has revealed the amazing new song, Peligrosa, from her forthcoming 10th studio album — to be released next month, woohoo!

12 abril 2017

La canción de la semana #574

Los Hijos de la Montaña is a collaboration between Sergio Mendoza, of Orkesta Mendoza fame, and Luz Elena Mendoza, a singer of Y la Bamba, an indie folk pop band from Portland, Oregon. (They are not related to each other). This week's song is Amor de lejos from their eponymous album.

02 abril 2017

La canción de la semana #572

...is Madres by young and incredibly talented Cuban singer, composer and bandleader Daymé Arocena. Daymé's new album Cubafonía is out now.

03 marzo 2017

La canción de la semana #568

Fantasía para un gentilhombre (1954) by Joaquín Rodrigo is based on music of the 17th-century Spanish composer Gaspar Sanz. The fourth movement of Fantasía is called Canario. I really like the Emerson, Lake & Palmer's version of this composition, which appears on the band's 1978 album Love Beach.

25 febrero 2017

La canción de la semana #567

Hotel California, arguably the most famous recording of Eagles, was released forty years ago, and was covered since by almost everybody. Here's a Spanish-language version (bar "such a lovely place" which was probably deemed untranslatable) by Gipsy Kings!

18 febrero 2017

La canción de la semana #566

...is Me parece perfecto by La Mambanegra, a "break salsa" band from Cali, Colombia. The band's debut album, El Callegüeso y su Malamaña, is to be released by Movimientos Records on 3 March 2017.

12 febrero 2017

La canción de la semana #565

Maite Hontelé has been already featured on this blog, and for a good reason: she is so good! Last night, she was performing once again in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and this time the weather was just perfect.

This week's song is Perdón, another famous bolero by Pedro Flores. This version, sung by Oscar D'León, appears on Maite's 2013 album Déjame Así.

03 febrero 2017

La canción de la semana #564

I'm sure you heard Safari by J Balvin, featuring Pharrell Williams and BIA. Last year, it peaked at no. 1 in Mexican and Spanish charts and I guess by now everybody has a right to be utterly sick of it. Its catchy kizomba-like rhythm and ridiculous Spanglish lyrics easily lends itself to parody, such as Ella es robusta by Werevertumorro.

21 enero 2017

La canción de la semana #562

Exactly three months ago, when Lila Downs posted this song on YouTube, I hesitated to add it to this blog. Frankly, I was hoping that within a month it won't be relevant any longer. But, alas, it is, very much. With Women's March on Washington and Sister Marches under way, I can't think of a better soundtrack for this day.

Lila Downs — El Demagogo

15 enero 2017

La canción de la semana #561

I just love Postmodern Jukebox. It seems that these guys can make a gem out of almost any song (including creations of Rihanna, Biebs and Britney Spears). Como La Flor is the PMJ's tribute to Selena, featuring the Venezuelan singer Mayré Martínez. According to the blurb, this is "el primer video de Postmodern Jukebox grabado completamente en español", and I hope it's not the last.

    Mayré Martínez: vocals
    Desiree Hazley: violin
    Lauren Baba: viola
    Artyom Manukyan: cello
    Aaron McLendon: drums
    Adam Kubota: bass
    Scott Bradlee: piano

07 enero 2017

La canción de la semana #560

¡Feliz año nuevo! Let's start the new year with Este bar by Tenerife-based five-piece Nicotine Swing. This song appears on the band's new album, named simply Nuevo.