29 julio 2012

La canción de la semana #329

Ondatrópica is a Colombian project masterminded by producers Will "Quantic" Holland and Mario Galeano. As Songlines put it, it is "a Buena Vista Social Club-style meeting between experience and youth". Except it does not sound anything like BVSC. Check this out: cumbia accordion meets beatboxing on 3 Reyes de la Terapia.

In addition to its tasteful reinterpretations of classic Colombian styles, one of the best things about this debut is that the sound is so unpolished. Rather than aiming for overblown perfectionism, this pleasingly anarchic project that draws together 42 musicians has kept its grooves loose, the permitted spontaneity keeping the vibe feeling that much more real.

21 julio 2012

La canción de la semana #328

According to Wikipedia,

in 1539, a dance called a zarabanda is mentioned in a poem written in Panama by Fernando Guzmán Mexía. Apparently the dance became popular in the Spanish colonies before moving back across the Atlantic to Spain. While it was banned in Spain in 1583 for its obscenity, it was frequently cited in literature of the period (for instance in works by Cervantes and Lope de Vega).
This week's song is dedicated to the memory of Jon Lord, who died on 16 July: Sarabande, from his 1976 album of the same name.

15 julio 2012

La canción de la semana #327

...is Cocinandos by Drums United, an international drums supergroup founded by Lucas Van Merwijk. The band includes musicians from Bangladesh, Germany, Iran, The Netherlands, Senegal, Suriname and Venezuela.

07 julio 2012

La canción de la semana #326

All the way from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, comes Nayaband. Created and fronted by Nayaban Jean, the group includes musicians from Senegal, Spain and Venezuela. Nayaband opened their amazing live set at the Fuerteventura en Música festival yesterday night with Rasta.