19 julio 2009

La canción de la semana #178

...is Quitapesares by Colombian joropo band Cimarrón.
Hailing from the vast Orinoco plains which stretch from Colombia into Venezuela, joropo is a fast traditional rhythm played on harp, bandola and cuatro accompanied by bass, cajon and maracas. Cimarrón fire up flawless virtuosity with a heart-stopping sense of drama.

Cimarrón plays at WOMAD Charlton Park on 24 July. For more unusual and beautiful music, check out Catrin Finch and Cimarrón.

05 julio 2009

La canción de la semana #176

Enjoy Que Lindo Suena from Nuevos Sonidos Afro Peruanos, a debut album of Radiokijada. The band was co-founded by Rodolfo Muñoz and Christoph H Müller of Gotan Project. According to Charlie Gillett's review,
A kijada (also spelled quijada) is made from a donkey's jaw, used as a percussion instrument in Peru for centuries by former African slaves and wielded here by Rodolfo Muñoz, reportedly trained at the Conservatory of Havannah in Lima. Having seen Rodolfo in action, I can vouch that he is unlike your stereotypical conservatory graduate, making formidable sounds with both his voice and his instrument's rattling teeth while prowling the stage with menacing intent.
Radiokijada will play at WOMAD Charlton Park on 25 July.