17 noviembre 2017

La canción de la semana #569

..is La Mecedora by Los Compadres del Ande. This track opens ANDINA: Huayno, Carnaval & Cumbia – The Sounds of the Peruvian Andes 1968 to 1978, a compilation of vintage Peruvian music released on Tiger's Milk Records.

29 octubre 2017

La canción de la semana #566

Once again, I come across a cover version which is way better than the original: Colombia-raised, Canada-based Lido Pimienta's take on Rihanna's Work. Camellando is Barranquilla slang for "working". Read more here.

22 octubre 2017

La canción de la semana #565

...is Sólo Para Mí by Vinila Von Bismark, featuring LaMari de Chambao. This is the first single from Vinila's new album, Motel Llamado Mentira.

15 octubre 2017

La canción de la semana #564

...is El Corazón del Sapo by the Madrid-based The Machetazo. The members of this quintet studied jazz at Musikene (Conservatorio Superior de Música de País Vasco), San Sebastián, but it was New York where they decided to form a band. This theme appears on their album 1290 Prospect Place.

The Machetazo: Jorge Castañeda (piano), Daniel Juárez (sax), Nacho Fernández (guitar), Darío Guibert (double bass) and Mikel Urretagoiena (drums).

23 septiembre 2017

La canción de la semana #561

I learned about the Cuban drummer Yissy García from a video by Havana Cultura. This week's song is Mr. Miller performed by Yissy & Bandancha.

16 septiembre 2017

La canción de la semana #560

...is Johnny Winter's Self Destruction Blues, performed by Deaf Dogs. This blues-rock band hails from Cantabria and features Marco Pardo (vocals and guitar), Paco Gómez (guitar), Pitu Magaldi (bass) and Antonio Pérez (drums). Deaf Dogs play in El Cazurro (Liencres) on Thursday, 21 September.