27 mayo 2005

La canción de la semana #11

Me voy, a beautiful song performed by beautiful Yasmin Levy.

Enjoy the weekend and the music,

15 mayo 2005

Camino del Flamenco

Camino del Flamenco promotes the art of Flamenco in Britain, through shows, workshops & classes.
Contact; caminodelflamenco@AOL.com or Office; 01869 349277

Flamenco Day - Saturday 9th July
If you have been inspired by the Dance Spectacular, why not try a workshop!
These workshops are suitable for both sexes and all ages over 12.
Both workshops are accompanied by live musicians.
The beginners workshop is a lively, energetic, fun day covering all aspects of Flamenco.
The intermediate workshop is suitable for those with 1 year's flamenco dance experience.
Beginners Flamenco workshop. £10
10.00am - 1.30pm
Students will learn all aspects of Flamenco dance, including some fun, simple choreography. Playing castanets, palmas, percussion and flamenco singing are also included! The workshop will end with a demonstration, by the tutor, of all these skills.
Intermediate Flamenco workshop £10
2.30pm - 5.00pm
Nicolia Morris is flying in from Sevilla, to teach new exercises used in Spain, which will improve your dance technique and excite choreography. (Tangos, Alegrias, Solea & Bulerias)
For further details and to book for the Flamenco day, telephone the Civic Theatre Box Office on 01245 606505. Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment!
Camino del Flamenco have regular classes for adults (in Chelmsford) and children (in Bishops' Stortford). Other private classes by arrangement.
For further information about classes, contact Juana Jiménez on 01279 730795
Posted by Jayney.

Flamenco Dance Spectacular

Saturday 18th June. 8pm
Civic Theatre, Chelmsford
Tickets; £12 (£10 concs.)
Box office; 01245 606505
Featuring; Camino del Flamenco (over 40 dancers!)
and Aroma Flamenco (elelctrifying gypsy flamenco group)
posted by Jayney.

14 mayo 2005

La canción de la semana #9

Yes, yes, the time has come. By "popular" demand, now for something almost completely familiar: Bamboleo. Not the Gypsy Kings version, but the one by Fania All Stars, with vocal by Celia Cruz!


07 mayo 2005

La canción de la semana #8

A beautiful example of chamamé music, Mi Pueblo, Mi Casa, La Soledad by Argentinian (with Ukrainian roots) accordion genius Chango Spasiuk. Read and listen here.


03 mayo 2005

Una receta "vegan", sana y muy sabrosa

Tofu, Pina y Espinacas

1) De compras
Se necesita: 250gr de tofu
1 lata pequena de pina en zumo natural
1 diente de ajo
1 trozo pequeno de jengibre
1/4 de chili rojo (sin semillas)
500gr de espinacas frescas
arroz a su gusto para acompanar

2) Preparacion (10 minutos)
Hay que lavar bien las espinacas 2-3 veces.
Corte el tofu en cuadritos 2cm+2cm
Abre la lata (desde luego!)
Pique el ajo con el jengibre peleado y el chili rojo
Mientras, ponga el arroz al fuego lento para concinarlo

3) Cocinar la receta (5-7 minutos)
Fria el ajo, jengibre y chili en aceite de oliva hasta se dore un poco. Mejor que se usa una olla grande o un "wok" para eso.
Anade el tofu y continue freir. Cuando el tofu este dorado, anada las espinacas, deben esta cocinadas en 2-3 minutos, tapadas.
Finalmente, anada la lata de pina con el zumo, continue concinar tapado unos minutos al fuego lento.

4) Presentar el plato
Para servir, ponga una racion de arroz concinado y ponga el tofu con espinacas encima. Muy sabrosa!!

Que aproveche!