29 noviembre 2015

La canción de la semana #502

...is Río de la Pila, a dedication to a legendary santanderino street, by a flamenco pianist Jairo León, from his new album Sensillo y Diferente. (I can't tell exactly why this street is legendary, but I'm sure it is. It has this legendary feel about it.) León is playing on 5 December in Conservatorio Jesús de Monasterio, Paseo del General Dávila 85, Santander.

20 noviembre 2015

13 noviembre 2015

La canción de la semana #500

I can'believe I was doing it for, what, ten years? Our five-hundredth entry is an Armenian folk song Hov arek sarer jan arranged and performed by the Yerevan-born, Los Angeles-based guitarist and composer Vahagni featuring incomparable Concha Buika. Buika is performing in Teatro Circo Price, Madrid on November 15th and in Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on November 29th.

06 noviembre 2015

La canción de la semana #499

Not just fado, not just in Portuguese: Mariza can do other things as well. Alma appears on her first studio album in five years, Mundo, produced by Javier Limón.