29 octubre 2011

La canción de la semana #290

...is El Alma En Los Labios performed by the famous Ecuadorian pasillo singer Julio Jaramillo aka "El Ruiseñor de América" (1935—1978). Since 1993, his birthday is celebrated as Día Nacional del Pasillo ecuatoriano (1 October). Listen to more of JJ's songs here.

09 octubre 2011

La canción de la semana #287

The Trio Chemirani are three Iranian percussionists, Bijan, Djamchid and Keyvan Chemirani. This week's song, Azadeh, is taken from their latest album, Invite and features guest Malian kora player Ballaké Sissoko and Cuban pianist Omar Sosa.

02 octubre 2011

La canción de la semana #286

What a bummer! Recent "improvement" of blip.fm has rendered all songs I've blipped unavailable, while we7 moved to subscription-only mode. So much for "free music". I'd like to apologise to my readers since many links to songs published here may not be of any use.

Oh well, we have to move on. This week's song is No te iras by Dominican salsero Sexappeal (no, I don't think it is that good a stage name, even for a non-English-speaking country, but there you go), from his 2006 album Mal o Bien.