25 julio 2010

La canción de la semana #225

...is Prende y Apaga by Olga Milla, from her album rePercusión (2005).

22 julio 2010

Bodegón Don Jamón

3.07.2010. After our plane landed in Arrecife, we spent a ten minutes or so just standing in the aisle. It was then when a fellow passenger addressed me: "Do you know you are bleeding?"

No I did not know. Apparently, I cut a finger on my right hand when searching for something in my bag. (As I've discovered later, my "safe" razor was in that pocket waiting for me.) Another helpful English lady presented me with a stripe of Elastoplast.

A few hours later, I went for a stroll in Puerto del Carmen along Avenida de las Playas. The streets were empty, maybe because everybody was watching footie (Germany destroying Argentina). The guy standing in front of Bodegón Don Jamón called to me. "Good afternoon, sir, would you like to try some of these?" These looked delicious and yes, I did like them. "What about a sip of wine?" Ditto. Can't remember what it was, some dry Spanish wine, but it made a job of convincing me to have my lunch then and there. I asked for baby squids, grilled peppers and a beer. It was heaven.

Or so I thought until I noticed that the bleeding has resumed. I made a good use of servilletero but the pile of blood-stained paper on my table kept growing. The waiter approached and carefully enquired if everything was OK. I said that I cut my finger but it is nothing really and not their restaurant's fault. The waiter looked unconvinced. He went to the kitchen and reappeared with the following:
  • agua oxigenada (hydrogen peroxide solution)
  • tintura de yodo (tincture of iodine)
  • venda de gasa (gauze bandage)
  • tira adhesiva (sticking plaster)
It did not seem that he knew the business of treating wounds very well though because the chef took over. Now that's what I call a professional service! In a few minutes, I was back behind my table finishing off the tapas and another beer.

To summarise: yummy food for a very reasonable prices and a free medical treatment for a wounded Ryanair passenger.