24 febrero 2006

La canción de la semana #41

...is Fuerte from Salsa Celtica's album "The Great Scottish Latin Adventure". Their new album, El Camino, is out in March. The track is taken from this blog.

Great Scottish Latin Adventure


La Linea 2006

"The London Latin Music Festival: La Linea - has been defining and re-defining contemporary Latin music for the past six years."

La Linea


12 febrero 2006

La canción de la semana #39

...finally, it's time for La Bamba! There's far too many versions of it, but this one, sung by Aiko Kitahara, is charming. (I took if from yumeki.org "Tu comunidad de J-Pop" website.) The real song, of course, has many more verses than us foreigners can master. Read the article La Bamba Explained or The Music of Veracruz by Janice Carraher.