29 junio 2013

La canción de la semana #376

...is Canarito de sangre by Gran Canarian band The Monos, who are performing next weekend at the Fuerteventura en Música 2013 festival in El Cotillo.

22 junio 2013

La canción de la semana #375

...is ¿Quien será? composed and recorded in 1953 by Mexican Pablo Beltrán Ruiz. Its English version, Sway, was made famous by Dean Martin the following year. The song was covered by numerous artists, from Cliff Richard to Björk and Jennifer Lopez, and remains as (if not more) popular today as 60 years ago.

The videoclip from Escuela de vagabundos (1954) featuring Pedro Infante.

09 junio 2013

La canción de la semana #373

I never heard of jazz pianist and composer Ariadna Castellanos until I saw her on Spanish TV earlier this week. And now I want to share her music with you: Volar por volar by Ariadna Castellanos and Juan Debel.