28 febrero 2009

La canción de la semana #160

No, I did not run out of Spanish-language music, it is just I have an urge to share with you some, I'd say, mesmerising jazz experience. Last week I was in Barcelona and my friends took me to Jamboree to see Clara Sallago Quartet (actually, a quintet: Marcel.lí Bayer was playing sax). One of the songs they were performing was Love me or Leave Me.


15 febrero 2009

La canción de la semana #158

This week, it's Chick Corea's Spain. There are zillion interpretations of this composition, starting from the original (and still awesome) 1972 version from Light as a Feather album and right through this 2006 duo of Chick and Hiromi Uehara. Now, can anyone point me to free sheet music of Spain on the web?


08 febrero 2009

La canción de la semana #157

Descarga total (listen and watch the video!) from the album of the same name, by Cuban flautist and bandleader Orlando "Maraca" Valle. Check his MySpace site for gigs dates – he will appear on VI Tampere International Salsa Festival (thanks to Maraca, now I know that such thing exists).


01 febrero 2009

La canción de la semana #156

...is Teach The Children performed by Katiuska, El Medico and Kuva Man To Man. This song appears on Reggaeton: the Cuban Revolucion and, as you may hear for yourself, features an interpolation of Pink Floyd's "We don't need no education". The message, however, is very different.