25 septiembre 2016

La canción de la semana #545

...is Calma by Las Migas, from the band's forthcoming album Vente conmigo.

17 septiembre 2016

10 septiembre 2016

La canción de la semana #543

Well, what do you know. Here in Andalucia Macarena appears to be as popular as 20 years ago. According to Wikipedia,

In VH1's 2002 documentary 100 Greatest One-hit Wonders, "Macarena" was ranked as No. 1. "Macarena" was also ranked No. 1 on a different VH1 documentary, 40 Awesomely Bad No. 1 Songs.
Whatever critics say, Macarena is here to stay. So, don't be surprised that this week's song is... Más Macarena by Gente de Zona featuring Los del Río. Enjoy.

04 septiembre 2016

La canción de la semana #542

I heard a lot (of good things) about Spanish indie band Love of Lesbian but still am not sure what to make of their music. La Noche Eterna (from their 2012 album La noche eterna. Los días no vividos), however, is unquestionably brilliant. As is this unofficial video clip directed by Sandra Suárez. The band's new album, El poeta Halley, is out now.