14 diciembre 2013

La canción de la semana #400

Our 400th (!) song of the week is Apriétame asi by Dominican accordionist, singer and composer Lidia María Hernández López, better known as La India Canela.

From the liner notes to her 2008 album, Merengue Típico from the Dominican Republic:

The song that made La India famous in the early 1990s, this merengue is in the mambo-based style that was then just beginning to bring típico back into the public eye. Tho first mambo section starts at about 2:00; a second mambo enters after the next verse, and is filled in with bass and conga solos.
And what solos: short, inventive, fun solos. Electric bass may have replaced marimba in merengue típico bands, but — pay attention! — between 2:52 and 3:04, the bassist Alfonso González Perdomo is doing his fantastic imitation of marimba sound.

Aprietame asi by La India Canela on Grooveshark

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