28 octubre 2012

La canción de la semana #342

...is María by Chico Trujillo, one of the most popular representatives of Nueva Cumbia Chilena. The band was recently featured in the BBC series LatAm Beats.

13 octubre 2012

La canción de la semana #340

Isabel Vargas Lizano, better known as Chavela Vargas, passed away on 5 August at the age of 93. Three Mexican stars, Ely Guerra, Eugenia León and Tania Libertad, will be paying a homage to the great singer on 27 November at the Carnegie Hall, as a part of the Celebrate México Now! festival.

This week's song is La Bruja, beautifully sung by Eugenia León some 20 years ago. Alternative, but not less beautiful, version is a duet of León and Lila Downs.