30 abril 2011

La canción de la semana #264

...is Ola Mou Ta Kalokeria by Glykeria and Apurimac: a kind of music one could call "modern Greco-Latin".

23 abril 2011

La canción de la semana #263

Any fan of Ojos de Brujo would notice that their latest offering, Corriente vital, "consists largely of a reworking of old favourites". But maybe that was the point, to celebrate the band's tenth anniversary with "the best of" album? The title track, however, is brand new. The video below is an intimate acoustic version of Corriente vital performed by just three members of the band. Imagine Ojos de Brujo in your kitchen!

16 abril 2011

La canción de la semana #262

It is a pleasure to introduce here my recent discovery: Desandann aka The Creole Choir of Cuba. Reviewing their 2010 album, Tande-La, Chris Nickson wrote: "It's not obviously Cuban — but it is very obviously superb." See for yourself. In the video, the choir performs two songs, Tande and Baila Cha Cha Cha live at Celtic Connections in Glasgow.