27 diciembre 2007

La canción de la semana #114

As an antidote to the cheesy Christmas music, I (invite you to) return to the tango. This week, it is El sobrevuelo de Pegaso performed by Argentinian guitarist Tomás Gubitsch. This track is taken from his new album 5.

That's it for this year – please tune in 2008!


16 diciembre 2007

La canción de la semana #113

Thanks to Elena who introduced me to the music of Joan Manuel Serrat. It was like: "You must know him. Look him up in the Web!" So I did. What a CV! No adverstisement can beat the burning of his records on the streets of Franco's Spain. And look at this: 'Mediterráneo', de Serrat, elegida la mejor canción popular española. So here it is, Mediterráneo.


09 diciembre 2007

La canción de la semana #112

"Why would anyone with a taste for world music want to listen to a Texan playing flamenco guitar?" asks the Songlines magazine. "When there are countless flamenco albums that are más auténtico... what Jason McGuire got to offer?" Listen to this week's song, Lagrimas De Sal by 'El Rubio' (Jason's nickname) and you will hear.


02 diciembre 2007

La canción de la semana #111

It is fair to say that of all Spanish-language singers, Shakira (according to Wikipedia, "the highest-selling Colombian artist of all time") is the one who does not really need any promotion — or at least not on this blog. The English lyrics is also not her strongest point. But she most definitely can sing and dance, as this live performance of Ojos así demonstrates. This song first appeared on Shakira's 1998 album, ¿Dónde están los ladrones?