28 enero 2007

La canción de la semana #80

...is Berimbass played by Renaud Garcia-Fons Trio. This truly beautiful music is captured live on the CD+DVD album Arcoluz (also reviewed in Guardian Unlimited).

Also, if you go to Renaud Garcia-Fons website, you can enjoy some of his music as videos, and even download a few scores (for double bass).


24 enero 2007

Pé, candidata al Oscar por 'Volver'

Penélope Cruz es una de las candidatas al Oscar a la mejor actriz por su trabajo en la película de Pedro Almodóvar Volver.
Aquí podéis leer la entrevista que ha concedido la actriz al diario catalán El Periódico.


22 enero 2007

Session in the computer room

The Websites visited during our session in the computer room were:

Have a look and enjoy!


21 enero 2007

La canción de la semana #79


I've been waiting long enough before posting here another song by one and only Manu Chao. Today, it is La rumba de Barcelona (audio | video | lyrics). Enjoy.


14 enero 2007

La canción de la semana #78

¿Quién se acordará? by Marta Gómez, a singer-songwriter from Colombia, currently residing in New York City. This song appears on her latest album, Entre Cada Palabra.


12 enero 2007

Kirill ; the music is fab!!!

 Having missed this week's class, due to a flat tyre (on the car -  not on me, sadly!) Elena directed me to her recent posts on here so I could catch up with what I'd missed. Having peeked at the lessons, I've successfully distracted myself for some hours now catching up on La canción de la semana from the past year. Oh, I've missed so much good stuff!! It's so brilliant I just had to dance about in the privacy of my living room!! The tango
 tunes are even likeable, not like some of the dirges I learned to dance to.  Kirill, BIG thank you for doing these posts and please, please carry on!!
Jayne. xx

10 enero 2007

Los colores

Aquí podéis acceder a un documento PowerPoint para practicar los colores. Con este otro documento practicaréis el vocabulario relacionado con la ropa y las compras.

Si tenéis alguna duda o queréis comentar algo, podéis usar la función "comments" que encontraréis debajo de esta nota. ☺

¡Que os divirtáis!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Feliz año a todos.
Con el nuevo año, nuevos premios para el cine español. Volver cosecha más aplausos en el extranjero.
¡Mucha suerte en los Óscar!

05 enero 2007

La canción de la semana #77

Happy New Year everybody! I am back from holidays in Stockholm, Helsinki, and in between. On New Year's eve (that was Sunday), I walked into Café Tin Tin Tango, which is exactly what the name suggests: café with tango in background and Tintin posters on the wall. It also doubles as launderette (that was my main reason to visit it: the hotel did not do laundry on Sunday.) The washing mashine was well hidden behind the thick screen of tobacco smoke but I managed to find it. While waiting, I had a nice cup of coffee and enjoyed some great music. Which brings us to the subject of Finnish Tango. According to the article for Virtual Finland website,
    Finland has taken the potato from Peru - potato in Finnish is peruna, by the way - and the tango from Argentina. Both these South American imports are cultivated in these northern latitudes perhaps even more devotedly than in their countries of origin.
This week's song is Suo sana vain performed by Georg Malmstén.

In 1997 a stamp commemorating the Finnish tango was issued

Enjoy the tango!