25 junio 2006

La canción de la semana #56

The summer is here, and so are the World Cup, holidays and other things that interfere with my good intentions to post one song every week. But I will try.
For this week, I chose one of the most popular Spanish-language songs of all time. Maybe the most popular song of all time. Naturally, it is Bésame Mucho, written some 65 years ago by Mexican composer Consuelo Velázquez. This Russian web site provides a good selection of interpretations of Bésame Mucho (including The Beatles, Placido Domingo, Ray Conniff, Dave Brubeck etc etc.) My tonight's choice is The Charlie Byrd Quintet version.


01 junio 2006

La canción de la semana #54

...is Sur o no sur by Alaskan/Argentine Kevin Johansen. Warning: it's a kind of song you listen once and then hum all day.

    Me voy porque acá no se puede,
    me vuelvo porque allá tampoco
    Me voy porque aquí se me debe,
    me vuelvo porque allá están locos
    Sur o no sur...