24 marzo 2006

La canción de la semana #45

Chacarera De Las Piedras by Jairo with Atahualpa Yupanqui. This track is taken from La página del Folklore Argentino.
    Aquí canta un caminante
    que muy mucho ha caminado
    y ahora vive tranquilo
    y en el Cerro Colorado
(complete lyrics here).

Incidentally, today marks the 30th anniversary of the military coup in Argentina.


11 marzo 2006

La canción de la semana #43

...is Ladino Song, performed both in Ladino and English by London-based klezmer fusion band Oi Va Voi. The band's violinist, Sophie Solomon, will perform tomorrow (12 March 2006) in Cambridge Fez club.


03 marzo 2006

La canción de la semana #42

Last week, the winners of the 2006 BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music were announced. In Americas category, the winner is none else than Ry Cooder. Listen to this politically incorrect song, Chinito Chinito (check the lyrics).