30 octubre 2005

La canción de la semana #25

...is Chiquichaca, performed by Yusa. Read more about her here.


21 octubre 2005

Lunch next Thursday

We are meeting next Thursday! Hope all of us can make it. Most of us should have received a mail about it. If not, shout and I will send the details.

20 octubre 2005

La canción de la semana #24

I wonder why there ain't no comments, let alone shouts "More!" Never mind. Before moving to something else, one more tango. This time it is Santa Maria (del buen ayre) from Gotan Project.


16 octubre 2005

La canción de la semana #23

Continuing with the tango. Here you can hear the First movement of Piazzolla's Tango Suite played by two Aussie guitarists, Slava and Leonard Grigorian.

Have good week,

09 octubre 2005

02 octubre 2005

Esto es el tango

I couldn't decide what to select as a song for this week, thanks to the This is the Tango program presented by Guadalupe Jolicoeur. 'This Is The Tango' was originally broadcast as a series of three CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio programs during the last three weekends of April, 1997, and is now available in MP3 as well as the RealAudio format. About three hours of music, plus the complete playlists (Listas de música). Disfruta el Tango!